Jokes Corner: A Rare Sardar-Parsi Joke

One day a Parsi Bawaji leaves for Udwada in the Gujarat Express. He manages to get a window seat But the window is jammed shut and doesn’t budge. Watching the plight of the frail Bawaji a Sardarji comes to the aid and with a thrust of his powerful arm swings open the window and says:“Bhapey paraathe kha paraathe, taakat aayegi”.

Now the train is in motion and Bawaji gets a call for motion. Off he runs to the toilet but to his great dismay the door is slammed shut. The Bawaji again tries with all his strength but to no avail. Again, it’s the kind Sardarji to the rescue. One mighty shoulder push and lo! Leeway to the loo. And again the proud comment:“Oye Bhapey paraathe kha paraathe, taakat aayegi!”

In order to teach a lesson to the Sardarji, Bawaji goes to the emergency pull-chain and starts to portray a struggle. The Sardarji in all his benevolence does the needful. Again: “Oye Bhapey paraathe kha paraathe, taakat aayegi!”

The train grinds to a halt and the TC comes to check who pulled the chain only to be told by Bawaji that it is that helpful Sardar ‘dikra’. The poor Sardarji gets fined for his endeavour and so the Bawaji comments, “Arre Dikra, Dhansak Kha Dhansak, Akkal Aaavse!”

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